Award Winning end to the year for Green IT Supplier

Kira Supplies Ltd, IT VAR and Green IT pioneer based in Lea, Derbyshire, have capped off a great year end by winning the Rolls Royce Award for Innovation through Technology at the Derbyshire Business Awards 2009 for their SoftXpand powered Multiseat computer solution.

The people behind Kira are husband and wife team Roger and Sue Anscombe. Speaking about their Business Awards Derbyshire win, said:

“This is the culmination of two years of persistent hard work and outstanding achievement by a small team of passionate professionals 100% committed to reducing the environmental side effects inherent in the IT sector. Multi-seat computing is the one technological advancement that has a genuine chance of saving the planet, helping to reduce the number of PCs that need to be built, shipped, purchased, supported, powered, and disposed of by over 80% instantly, all at half the cost of conventional systems. More people would go green if it cost them less. Now it does, and we are very proud to accept this award in recognition of our achievements.”

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