Kira Supplies, based in Lea, Derbyshire, have won the Silver Green Apple Award in recognition of their environmental project – The Ultimate Green PC.

The trophy was presented by The Green Organisation at the annual international awards ceremony at the House of Commons in November 2008.

The Green Apple Awards are presented annually in recognition of companies, councils and communities carrying out projects that enhance environment and there were 500 nominations this year. The judges commented: “At the rate of progress today, computers can be regarded as consumables. They also have many issues regarding end of life treatment. It is clear then that the fewer PC’s a company has, the fewer problems they will have with cost and waste. Kira’s solution enables companies to operate a single computer where six were needed before, with no loss of efficiency. Very simple, very effective.”

The award-winning project will be featured in the next Green Book, the world’s only work of reference on environmental best practice, and they will be receiving a Green Hero Wall Shield during a special prize giving ceremony on board the Royal Yacht Britannia, Edinburgh, in February 2009.

The Green Apple Awards campaign is run by The Green Organisation, an independent, non-political, non-profit organisation that recognises, rewards and promotes environmental best practice around the world. Their supporters include the Environment Agency, the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management, the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and various other professional bodies.

Campaign Manager Mark Wolens commented:  “To show continued interest in environmental issues during the current financial climate shows great foresight and they deserve the recognition of being Green Apple Award winners. “To then go further and become Green Heroes is an even bolder statement of environmental intent, and organisations that go the extra mile and become Green Heroes are demonstrating a serious commitment to the world around them. They invest in a better future for us all and deserve to be recognised for their efforts.”

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