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The Parish of Dethick, Lea and Holloway is beautiful and a delightful place to work, though somewhat isolated from large towns and resources. Over the decade we have been based here, the local bus service has been withdrawn. While people are working, and have cars, this is no real issue. However, for the elderly and disabled, isolation is a huge problem.

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The Directors at Kira have several major aims. They include:-
1. To assist in transforming the community and help make this world a better place for everyone to live in. This initiative will help establish a resilient community.
2. It engages employee volunteering.
3. Invests new skills within our community

Office View
The view from our office window — Snail shaped paths!
We will be using our mobile Ecoware
system which turns 1 windows based
computer into 6 independent computer
workstations, using only standard
monitors and mice.
Pod desk

Our parish of Dethick, Lea and Holloway has organised itself into the charity, DHL Together and wanted to organise basic IT training sessions for local residents to allow them to shop online and keep in touch with family, friends and world events. Unfortunately they did not have sufficient funds for equipment or premises. At Kira Supplies we have made available our demo room and Ecoware systems for local volunteer experts to give this training.

DLH Together Our mobile Ecoware system is an ideal solution as it requires just one power socket and one internet access point so achieves our desire for a sustainable future, both in production and power consumption. The desk flaps down to wheel easily on large castors through a standard doorway, making it simple to set up and put away. Local people with the relevant IT skills will assist as volunteer trainers, supporting, encouraging and guiding students through the various programmes they wish to learn.

Everybody will learn at their own pace and choose the areas of IT that interest them the most. Some will be total beginners, while others may just wish to learn a specific programme or how to take a photograph and attach it to an email. We intend to cater for all abilities and have a fantastic time while doing it!
You might like to browse our village website to see what else we do here: www.dlhvillage.org.uk Is there anything you can be involved in around the community you live and work? Share good news with us and help make the world a happier place.

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