How Ecoware® Works

SoftXpand Ecoware® unleashes the unused potential of both the central processor unit (CPU) and the video cards’ graphics processor units (GPU).

As most applications only use a small percentage of the PC’s processing ability SoftXpand Ecoware® is able to balance the resources of both the  CPU and the GPU to enable multiple users to share one Ecoware® System simultaneously.

This allows the cost of the PC to spread between multiple and provides twice as many seats for the same money, whilst increasing green credentials

With Ecoware® each user gets their own virtual workspace including

  • Applications
  • Settings
  • Files
  • Preferences

Users may not even know that they are sharing a PC, in fact Tony Roberts Managing Director for MNT Call Centre in Nottingham gave probably his most significant endorsement of Ecoware® saying; “It’s that good we don’t notice it!”

Each Ecoware® system has been developed using high quality components, selected for:

  • Maximum Reliability
  • High Speed Processing
  • Low Energy Consumption

When Steve Hodkinson, the IT technician at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Derbyshire was asked what he thought of the Ecoware® systems Kira Supplies had installed 5 years earlier in 2008, he said “our Ecoware® Systems are still going strong. They have been a big hit with the teachers who make a beeline for the Ecoware® Systems over the conventional machines. They can logon quicker and as you know time is at a premium in the world of teaching”

At Kira Supplies Ltd we are ISO 14001 certified, so to practice what we preach; as all of our administration office PC’s are Ecoware® Systems to ensure we reduce our carbon footprint and make our office as green as possible

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