Oriel Specialist Mathematics and Computing College

Oriel Specialist Mathematics and Computing College is a forward thinking dynamic secondary learning establishment which benefits from a positive leadership team focused on delivering “Excellence in Learning” with an “Every Child Matters” attitude. It’s a community minded establishment that stays active well into the evening (the site manager can often be seen locking up around 10 pm.)

Oriel’s ICT Manager Mark Woolner takes up the story; “The challenge when I first started was reliability, I saw the all too familiar 25 – 30 beige boxes, crammed into every room, with a mismatch of CRT monitors, keyboards and mice. With each station pumping out around 1KW of heat, the cooling and heating systems were also suffering.”

Prior to achieving specialist status the college had suffered with its ICT systems. According to Mark it has had to deal with a legacy of “mend and make do” which had resulted in poor quality PC’s, a poor attitude towards maintenance, and heavy handed use by students. This legacy had left its mark and staff came to expect, “Do Not Use” and “Out Of Order” signs!


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