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“The answer’s yes. What’s the question?”

Established as Kira Supplies in 1996 by Roger Anscombe, and then incorporated to become Kira Supplies Ltd in 2003, Kira Supplies are here to put your mind at rest when you want to buy anything IT related. We do it all!


Kira Supplies Ltd is currently based in Lea, just ten minutes drive from the town of Matlock. We have strong ties with the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Chamber of Commerce but growing nationwide installations require us to develop our dealer/reseller network. Interested? Ring us on 01629 534134.


Our aim at Kira Supplies is to provide you with any IT solution that you may require. We will always strive to make sure that you are happy with each product we supply. Our customer service is second to none. We aim to give you the best after-sales service possible, and make sure that if any problems arise, they are dealt with quickly and efficiently.


Here at Kira Supplies, we supply nearly every aspect of IT, from ink cartridges, right through to a complete network installation, and everything that plugs into it!

Some items we supply:


We have the back up of a number of national supply networks, but are in fact a completely independent business and therefore always free to recommend the most effective solution to our customers.

Do not hesitate to call us Monday to Thursday 8am-6pm and Friday 8am – 3:30pm. Our dedicated staff will help you onto newer and better technology!

We are proud to support People In Need

Kira Supplies Ltd is proud to be associated with People In Need, a charity very deserving of our support. We willingly host, design and support their website free of charge.

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